A -S.U.C.H (Social Umbrella Connecting Humanity) –  Wherein people from various walks of life doing good work for society are encouraged n applauded as well as various NGOs are made to work on a particular cause or purpose as n when required


B- Dare to be Rare(Differently abled people) -Sensitising and building awareness among the classes n masses towards this section of the society

C- Green Gem Project  -A  massive campaign towards spreading greenery through plantations, bringing awareness regarding anti-pollution techniques and pledging a greener n cleaner society

D- Children and Education – The children of primary school are encouraged to pursue Middle School Education, Midd School ones are encouraged to take up Vocational training n the Vocational training ones are helped and guided to procure lucrative job opportunities.

E- No more Violence against Women – Domestic violence is to be stopped and women are made aware of their rights and supported to not silently bear the agony n pain

F- Women Empowerment -Girl’s n ladies are guided to take up various courses to make them Financially Independent and also to be confident about themselves

G- हमारी ज़रूरतें (एक क़दम स्वच्छ भारत की ओर ) –  A project where sanitization and hygienic products like Sanitary Pads, Dettol, Sanitisers, Soaps etc would be distributed in various remote places and villages of India.So get ready to team for some action towards noble work


H- Civic Sense – With rights come our duties. People need to be made aware that they need to execute their rights responsibly so as to not to hinder someone else’s rights. Conducting sessions of road safety and awareness, Safe driving, No honking, disposal of garbage and health care.

I-Legal Awareness – various legal issues catered to and common man made aware of the legal rights n duties to handle situations in a better fashion


J- Recycling Projects- Where waste products are utilised and made into commodities which can be useful and also give financial independence to many by getting trained vocationally

K- Rojgar (Divyang) – An effort to educate the Differently abled people and society to have an inclusive society and financially independent younger people who can utilise themselves fruitfully and divert their weaknesses into strengths

L- Stand Tall – Where Awareness programmes are conducted to make girls and their families aware of how to make them financially independent as much as possible and have a better living standard