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Social Umbrella has a vision of a better n wholesome society where everyone gets their deserved share of happiness,peace,food,education,justice,money, opportunities etc.We pledge to keep creating awareness and opportunities for everyone no matter to which field ,which category,which class they belong to.As long as it is someone in need and giving a desperate call.We are there with open arms to help,guide and provide them the apt opportunity, information,time and empathy.

We pledge to have a perfect society which will have a pollution free, crime free,discrimination-free.

Inclusive society and a perfect blend of humanity and peace for all mankind to live in harmony.Until that happens we pledge not to rest or sit in peace and work towards the fulfilment of our dream project- the ideal society.


Aims & Objective

  • To help women become financially independent n live in a fear free, violence free and crime free society
  • Discrimination is not done on the basis of abled body or disabled.Having an inclusive society where differently abled live in harmony, respect, and dignity
  • To help women attain the independent stance and say in the household by means of financial independence
  • To give children a conducive and progressive environment for their development without any shortcomings
  • To provide free-of-cost remedial education to children and give a fair access to education to all
  • To help children choose the right career path and ensure the availability of fair opportunities to all
  • To see a pollution free, greenery filled environment. Where various species of animal kingdom including humans n animals live together without disturbing the ecological balance
  • Promote education of Legal awareness not only in schools and colleges but at grass root level too so that people understand their rights n duties in a better fashion.

Legal Status

SOCIAL UMBRELLA FOUNDATION is an Non Profit Organisation incorporated on 31 May, 2017

The registered office of the company is at SHOP NO-102, MPL MKT, CON CIRCUS ,NEW DELHI-110001

The total paid-up capital is INR 1.00 lac. The company has no reported secured loans.

CIN – U74999DL2017NPL318468


The company has 2 directors/key management personnel.

BHAVNA BAJAJ 07678802 Director 31 May 2017
ARUN BAJAJ 07678991 Director 31 May 2017



Governing Body

Bhavna Bajaj (Founder Director )


Advisory Board




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